Shipping & availability

Due to New York State Law, we cannot ship our own spirits (ridiculous, we know!).

Our spirits can only be purchased at our distillery tasting room in Alexandria Bay, NY.

 A list of our newest products - as well as our originals

Annie In the Bottle - apple brandy aged in uncharred barrels - 80 proof

Snow Melt Cinnamon - Our original Snow Wheat Whiskey, infused with natural cinnamon and red chili's - 70 Proof 

Rumka - A blend of our black strap molasses rum and soft winter wheat - 70 proof

Island Citron vodka - bright citrus infused vodka - 70 proof

ReVino Bourbon - Straight bourbon finished in wine casks - 86 proof

Mountain Strong - Corn whiskey aged in one of our used bourbon barrels - 100 proof

Island Gin - a classic and light dry gin - 90 proof

Island Pepper Vodka - not too spicy, peppered Vodka - 70 proof

1000 Vines Vodka - very clean and smooth vodka made from grapes 80 Proof